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    Photographers from all over the world plan adventures to the American Southwest to experience a Landscape unique to our planet. The best way to do this is to utilize a Professional Local Guide Service. The Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument, and the Glen Canyon Recreation Area, nestled within the Colorado Plateau. It is the focus of countless stories, myths, and legends. Books and Movies have told many a story but to truly experience the Desert Southwest you must immerse yourself in Nature's beauty.
    I would be honored to be your Photo-tour leader in this unique, pristine, beautiful and stunning corner of our world!
    At GPH Photography and Works these trips are only about photography. As your Workshop leader I am committed to elevate your skills as a photographer and nurture your creative
vision as an artist.
Desert Action Images is where I Document you.
    When it comes to the Guiding I leave
that to the Professionals at the Local Guide
Services in and around the Pristine
and Beautiful
we visit.
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When you Travel as much as I do it is always good to have a friend with you. This  portion of my website is dedicated to my Chocolate Lab, Marley, after Bob not the movie, and her Son Beau.
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"Beau Marley Brown"
I love what I do and I am willing
and eager to share my knowledge
of both film and digital imagery with you.
Whether you’re a novice or advanced. I'll be covering topics
that include
  • Creative Exposure
  • Depth of Field 
  • Long Exposures
  • HDR
  • Sharpness tips
  • Keys to better composition
  • Capturing action
  • Photoshop workflow
  • Shooting "From the Hip" Field Techniques

Even a little Anthropology, History and Geology thrown into the mix.

Remember always Be Safe out there.
I always like to mention that if you really want to experience the Best an Area has to offer, then utilize a Professional Local Guide.
My favorites in the Desert SouthWest are Excursions of Escalante, in the Grand Staircase National Monument, and Mild to Wild Rhino Tours outside of Zion National Park.
Peace and Light,
Patrick Hayes